Who We are

The Cecilian Singers is a women’s chamber choir in Christchurch. Started in 1981 under Elizabeth Wemyss, and then under the baton of Nan Anderson for many years, the Cecilian Singers became a well-established feature of the Christchurch musical scene. The choir was often featured on Praise Be on Sunday mornings, produced two excellent CDs of sacred music, and performed regular concerts in Christchurch, travelled to Hobart and other exciting performance opportunities. Nan was followed as a long-term Music Director by Rosemary Allison, another well-respected musician, who also worked actively in Choral Federation and the Organists Society. Rosemary continued the fine tradition of choosing repertoire to suit a variety of tastes. As well as giving regular concerts in Christchurch, the choir also ventured further afield to Geraldine, Rangiora, Hanmer and the North Island. At the end of 2019, the baton passed to Rosemary Turnbull. Rosemary Turnbull has a well established reputation as Choir Director, Teacher and Singer throughout New Zealand. Under her leadership, the Cecilian Singers is evolving and continuing its journey to vocal excellence by re-establishing its place in Christchurch musical life.