About the Cecilian Singers

The Cecilian Singers began in March 1981 as a chamber choir for female voices in Christchurch, with founder music director Nan Anderson. It has gained National Artist status with Radio New Zealand and has also been recorded several times for TVNZ’s “Praise Be” programme.

Regular concerts in Christchurch, and beyond, have always received high critical acclaim. In 2008 the Cecilian Singers celebrated 25 years of singing a wide variety of choral works. It has long been regarded as the top female equal-voiced chamber choir in Christchurch.

The current Music Director, Rosemary Allison, continues this fine tradition, presenting performances in Christchurch and its environs while supporting New Zealand composers and young performers. Under Rosemary’s expert direction the choir has widened its repertoire to include jazz arrangements and contemporary sacred and secular music.

The choir rehearses on Monday evenings. The evenings are lively and energetic sessions, and sounds of sweet singing, mixed with a little light laughter, fill the rehearsal room. The Cecilian Singers enjoy making music. But their standards are high, and there is a constant striving to improve.

Due to recent seismic activity, rehearsals are currently held at Spreydon School, Lincoln Road, in the staffroom. Parking is a dream, and the session runs from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

If you would like to join the Cecilian Singers, please contact Rosemary.